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12/3/07 12:44 pm

10/13/07 01:50 am


No New York is a compilation album released in 1978 by Antilles Records under the curation of producer Brian Eno. Although it only contained songs by four different artists, it is considered by many to be the definitive single album documenting New York City's late-1970s No Wave movement. The album became well-known in underground rock circles; an unrelated album was released in 1981 entitled Yes L.A., featuring the band X. In 2003, Criminal IQ Records, along with Brian Costello's Protomersh Records released a CD that paid tribute to the two albums' ethos of scene documentarianism by releasing a compilation titled Maybe Chicago?

9/13/07 12:34 pm

tomorrow should disappear

9/4/07 01:12 am

gun club

god, i don't know. everything feels like it's missing something.

am i missing something.

8/31/07 02:38 am

so I may be exhibiting some foxies in a show for a couple of days in Brussels in October. that's quite nice news! it seems i'm wanted more outside of my own country than it in.

any excuse to get away from here would be nice.

but my day was made a bit better by this event: (before.. turning quite bad.. enforcing my hiding era which started since last week)

I got on a train to go home from Meryls house and decided I wanted to sit near one of those large tables with seats for four people so I could get out my sketchbook and draw. I sat on my own for most of the trip but around half way through I had to move so that two adults and their kid could sit around the table with me. The child seemed nice enough though too bored to look at anything else but me drawing while making idle conversation with their parents to make the trip go by faster. So after a while the child asks their mum if they have any paper or pens, to which they reply no, and luckily one of my headphones had fallen out of my ear accidentally and I didn't bother to put it back in again before this happened. I thought this would be a brilliant chance to put forward some art power and so I ripped a sheet out my book and gave them a pen to keep.

I felt slightly good about it regardless of what I was promoting.. drawing maybe, art maybe.. I wonder if the child will keep on doing it.. wouldn't that be quite cool.

8/23/07 01:59 am

yes, this is love.

8/22/07 02:27 am

The Birthday Party - Mr Clarinet
Les Georges Leningrad - Georges Five
Chet Baker - Moonlight in Vermont
Swans - Mother/Father
Family Fodder - Debbied Harry
Lightning Bolt - Assassins
Health - Crimewave
Crystal Castles - Knife Fight
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat
The Heartbreakers - I Wanna Be Loved
Scott Walker - Amsterdam

8/19/07 11:51 am

Liars - They Don't Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids

what a fantastic song

8/18/07 04:00 pm

I have bucketfuls of confidence.
I just want to fight and play rough all the time.

I hope someone gives me a reason to get on stage again.

8/4/07 12:14 am - stress, love, depression, love, stress

still waiting for the verdict. hm. i like it though. :(
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